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Space 2B Me LLC


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Office Address1093 Cottonwood Circle, Golden, CO 80401

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed about the clutter and disorganization in your home–we offer supportive and practical help to get you back in control of your surroundings. We know that clutter is not just about “things” and organizing is not just about “the stuff.” It’s about you, your family and friends, your feelings, your space, your time, your dreams and goals. We help you lead a more creative and fulfilling life by bringing order and organization to your space.

Maybe you’ve never quite gotten a handle on the “organization thing.” Maybe you were really on top of things in the past but recent changes in your life have knocked you off your pins. We can help you tame the chaos. From projects as small as a closet or as large as an entire home, let us help you declutter, simplify, and optimize your space to free up time, space and energy to do the things that are truly important to you.