Sometimes it takes a village – or at least a small team – to meet the demands of our busy lifestyles.

Whether it’s Business Services – financial, home improvement, home sale/mortgage – or Professional Services – health and wellness, physical therapy, travel, organizing – we all reach out frequently for help.

Welcome to Westside Business Builders (WSBB) – a unique collection of small business owners and entrepreneurs 32 members strong.

Each prospective member is vetted via a security background check, then introduced to and voted on by the membership before being inducted into the group. This ensures that all members are reliable and adhere to the integrity of their profession.

The WSBB Code of Ethics emphasizes that members not only build trust with each other and follow through with referrals in a professional manner but that they treat customers fairly, honestly, and deliver products and services at the price quoted. The fact that members of WSBB use the services of our fellow members speaks to the confidence we place in each other, that each member is the best at what they do.

Rather than competition, WSBB fosters a spirit of cooperation and corroboration which sets us apart from other organizations. Longevity of membership is but one key, as some members have 5, or 8, or 12 years with the group. Working together in harmony allows us to provide services perhaps over and above a basic request. For example: while one of our Home & Construction members is painting a home, a faulty electrical system may be discovered, or water damage is noticed requiring the need to find a leak. Those specialists can be called in to solve the problem. The same process works with our Professional Services experts. During an office visit, a chiropractor suspects that physical therapy or deep tissue massage would be advisable along with some nutritional guidance.

These examples are just some of the ways in which WSBB members work with each other with the ultimate goal of total customer/client satisfaction.