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I have been cooking since I was 5 years old. It is my passion to cook and see happiness on everyone’s face. 

I have cooked in Restaurant at age 15 was the Robinhood. Then at age 17 went to Chugwater, Wyoming to cook on Quest Ranch. Got married to cowboy and moved to the ranch nd help run the cattle. I did all the cooking for Brandings. What a fun time in my life. Moved to Laramie, Wyoming where I got my Nursing degree. Got hurt and had to be re-educated so I went to Beauty School in Ft. Collins. My life is one adventure after another. Met my present husband and we both cook and wanted to open restaurant but to much money so decided to go the Food Truck Route. I got a bus instead and so now My dream is coming real and is so much fun. Doing what I love cooking food that my Grandmother cooked to back that feel of Comfort and love.

I love the Catering part the best. Customer gets to choose what they want and I take the work off them and let them enjoy their Event.