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My name is Brian Clark, and I am the owner and founder of Colorado Underground Detection LLC.

We provide first class Advanced Leak detection, Fiber Optic Sewer Inspection, and Private Underground Utility Location utilizing state of the art technology and years of experience.  I have been in the plumbing industry since 1989 and a master plumber since 1997, arming me with over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial construction and plumbing service industries.  As a professional service provider, I know how important it is to deliver clients the best, most technologically advanced and timely solutions available at a competitive price.  I would appreciate the opportunity to impress you.

Our Services

Advanced Leak detection: Plain and simple, we locate leaks no matter where they are and regardless of how difficult they are to locate. We remove the guess work, providing accurate and precise feedback on where the leak is located – often saving time and unnecessary damage to property. We are so confident in our ability to deliver accurate results that if we do not locate a leak, then the client does not have to pay for our service. We know that is a bold statement, but with our technology and experience we have a very real advantage over our competition.

Fiber Optic Sewer inspection: We provide sewer inspection services and an unbiased professional opinion with audiovisual support utilizing state of the art cameras and technology. Our fiber optic sewer camera (The Sparvision 200) gives us the ability to see, show and deliver to you, actual full screen color upright video of the inside of a sewer system. Our top of the line camera gives us the ability to provide sharp images along with voiceover and labeling technology, thus improving communication with clients and increasing confidence in assessments. Our clients can see the results real time on a high resolution iPad, or we can electronically deliver our clients a file containing the video. To be clear, we do not provide plumbing or repair services and will not be competing for any required repair work. As additional beneficial services, we can locate any underground utilities in the vicinity of the sewer line (decreasing risk to employees when handling the repair work) and we can also determine the actual location and depth of the sewer line, whether outside or under a slab.

Private Underground Utility Location: We provide private utility location (phone lines, cable lines, electric lines, gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, etc.) utilizing an array of methods, technology and techniques. Our approach provides redundancy in our system and a more accurate location for our clients.
Here at Colorado Underground Detection LLC., we respect your time and that of your clients and plumbers. We value punctuality, and communicate honestly and effectively. We take great pride in providing the most educated and technologically advanced service in the industry.