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I started out as a customer in SendOutCards for two reasons….to reach out to customers in my previous business, and to stay in closer contact with family and friends through the use of cards and gifts. SendOutCards provided me an opportunity to show appreciation to my customers in a personal way, and to stay top-of-mind with them. I could send genuine, high quality thank-yous, reminders, or follow-up cards quickly and conveniently, and I loved the personal touch of including pictures and heartfelt messages in the cards. Sending the cards to my customers, and seeing their reaction, led me to joining SendOutCards as a Distributor, and Bob and I teamed up to share the opportunity with others.

Our main goal this past three years has been to work with individuals and businesses to provide a method for them develop their personal and professional relationships through use of our cards and gifts. SendOutCards is the best customer appreciation and customer retention program ever!